LIVE Events are Returning to Cordova!

Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 Season

Fall 2021

  • September or October, 2021- John Damberg and Anchorage Jazz Society
  • Monday, November 8, 2021- Royal Wood– North Star Theater, Canadian Songwriter and storyteller
  • November 5 & 6- “Guys and Dolls”, Stage of the Tide
  • December, Holiday Concert featuring the Anchorage Classical Guitar Society

Spring 2022

  • January/February 2022- Wearable Art
  • Saturday, April 2, 2022- The Small GloriesRoots music
  • •Tuesday, May 10, 2022- Sarah Hagen– Comedy and piano- a la Victor Borge!

100% of your Salmon Jam ticket goes towards bringing these artists to our community! How awesome is that?!

A message from your local arts council, Cordova Arts and Pageants: 

As the primary sponsor of Salmon Jam, movies, and concerts in Cordova, we STRONGLY encourage our patrons to GET VACCINATED!  The only way live performances and movies can be fully operational is for people to get vaccinated and give this virus a dead end so it has nowhere to go and it will die out.  We will begin scheduling our normal “season” of concerts and movies this fall, but if there is an outbreak because of our events we will shut down again. 

Many touring musicians and performers are requiring vaccinated stage crew and even vaccinated audiences.  We will honor their requests if they choose to perform here.  

Thank you for supporting the arts by GETTING VACCINATED!


– Cordova Arts and Pageants

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